Monday, June 3, 2013

To Craft or Not to Craft...

...well, that's not _really_ the question because if you are a crafter you are always a crafter at heart!  But some life events that have recently come up seem to be leading me in another, somewhat unexpected, direction.  A couple of months ago, as I was working on getting 'Whimsical DeeSigns' going as a small, home-based business, I also started doing some part-time freelance work writing that has rapidly gone from part-time to a full time job and then some.

I fully expected the writing work to be just a temporary "thing" while I worked on getting Whimsical DeeSigns officially launched and running, but it quickly turned into a full time commitment and a solid source of income for us.  I love writing as much, if not more, than crafting - I just never considered writing as a serious contender for a source of income.  Life is funny that way I suppose.

What that means for Whimsical DeeSigns, this blog and my Etsy shop really isn't too monumental anyway, because I still plan to work on my crafting in my freetime, and also hope to occasionally sell a few things I make. All it really means is that my plans for a full time class schedule this fall, the Craft Show circuit this spring and summer and my plans to sell project kits are all being put on hold for now.

Also, a good friend of mine, who lives nearby and has her own studio and has already been teaching classes on card-making and rubber stamping for over decade, has graciously offered to take on some of those students who were planning to sign up for my classes this Fall.  We still have some details to work out on that,  but I'll post a link here once we do.

And finally, with all these somewhat sudden and unexpected changes in priority, I found myself with a massive amount of "overstock" in supplies and tools (I purchased a lot of stuff in anticipation of my Fall Classes and Summer shows) that I won't be able to use in a million years as a hobbyist crafter.  SOO, I'm having a giant Craft/Rummage sale this weekend (I did consider selling it on Etsy - but to be honest, the volume of stuff I'm going to have to sell now and the time it would take to do this on Etsy made that a sort of 'last resort' option).  I'll post some pictures of that end of the week and what doesn't go over the weekend sale, I will be listing either here or on my Facebook page and a few items that will eventually end up in my Etsy shop.

So to all who read or visit this blog - hopefully after one more update post, I will finally start putting up projects, project pictures, more swaps and FUN STUFF related to crafting - and a lot less talking about what I hope to or plan to do.  :)  Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to read all this schtuff!
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