Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Look for my blog

So its been quite awhile since I updated here and I decided it was time to update the look of the blog too.  I stumbled across this site:  Gotta Pixel completely by accident while looking for some info on 'scrapbook layouts' and fell in love with - well, MOST of their graphics and ordered myself a number of their 'Facebook Covers' and 'blogwear'! :P

 And since my friend Katie is pretty busy these days with other projects (she did my original custom graphics) and doesn't have much time for personal custom work right now, it just seemed like a good time to find another resource for keeping my blog and other content prettied up.

Funny, isn't it - I've been told I'm quite creative and crafty, but I can't draw or create decent graphics _at all_. Oh well - thank goodness there are wonderfully talented people out there in those areas, like Trixie Scraps that make it easier for folks like me to have a very pretty blog without resorting to horribly drawn or rendered "stick" figures. *g*

I've got lots of news and new projects to share, but for today I think I'll leave it w/the new look and this post.  More coming soon (and this time I mean in the next few days - not the next few months ;P)

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