Wednesday, April 10, 2013

More updates that aren't quite updates ;P

Just wanted to post a few updates for those following the blog.

I'm still working out the schedule for classes - though after some discussion with friends and fellow crafters, I am considering changing things up and possibly pushing back the "full" class schedule to the Fall.

The short version of the explanation is pretty common sense - with kids home from school over the summer, vacations and people being busy with outdoor activities, gardening, home maintenance, etc. - scheduling becomes a real issue for everyone.  So I'm sort of re-thinking things and tentatively planning on working over the Spring and Summer on my own projects as well as kits and some pre-planning so I can open up with a really robust schedule in early Fall.  I'm fairly certain that's how things will go - but when I do finalize what I'm going to be doing with certainty I will post a page with scheduling and full info here.

I'm also considering doing a few fun "make and take" type workshops here and there in the upcoming months, but that's also still in early planning mode.

This blog too, still needs a bit of updating and tweaking and though I did open up my Etsy shop with some small items just to test it all out - that is still in need of major work as well.  Soooo....what that ends up in summary is, I'm still working on things and don't have a _lot_ of new specific info just yet.  LOL!
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