Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My First Class

I held my first craft class this month - teaching how to make an Accordion Fold Mini Album. About 1.5 years ago, when I first starting scrapbooking in earnest, I was searching YouTube for some examples of different accordion folded albums when I came across Laura Denison's "Snip and Fold Mini" video (and incidentally, it was this video that introduced me to 'Following the Paper Trail' and Laura's work in general) and fell in love with it. I made up a few of these, and then, as I gained some confidence, added my own touches with a slightly different binding/covering method.  Friends and family who saw them started asking me if I could teach them how to make one and eventually that evolved into a class.

Years ago I taught classes in polymer clay and beadwork at Lee Wards and Accents Crafts, along with some teaching at local craft stores and local Park and Rec depts. But it had been many years since I'd actually "formally" taught a craft class of any kind so I was pretty nervous - but also very excited to share a hobby I really love with others.  I very much enjoy all sorts of crafts, but the beadwork is getting a bit harder for me to do since my eyes have gone a bit south over the years and I still do clay work too, but I'm trying to use more earth-friendly stuff these days, so not so much on the poly clays anymore.

I would say there was a definite learning curve for me, and a few hiccups along the way - but the women in the class were so fun, kind and gracious - they just took it all in stride.  All in all, I'd say we had a pretty good time (and ate some of THEEEE BEST cupcakes I've ever tasted).  Unfortunately, we still didn't quite finish the project we started, but I'm hoping to put up a video of my own or direct them to Laura's original video for finishing up.  And while I hope to improve my teaching methods, I don't know that I'd have changed too much - because chatting and joking with the gals in the class was as much fun for me (and I think them too) as the project itself.

I'm planning to offer more classes in the near future, and will put up a page about them here on my blog as soon as I get a more definite plan and schedule in place.  It's looking like its going to be a very craft-filled spring and summer and that's pretty happy news for me.  A huge hug to my "inaugural" students - you were great!  Here are a couple more pictures from the class - though no finished projects to showcase - not yet anyway!  LOL!

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