Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My First Swap - Updates

So in true moron form, I was so excited when I finally received my package of goods from Tmika (Scrap Da World). that I opened everything and forgot to take pictures first.  *sigh*  Okay, so chalk one up to super excitement and pure stupidity for me.  LOL!  Thankfully Tmika video tapped everyone's entries and I've got a link to those videos at the end of this post, after the break.

The swap was a lot of fun - and Tmika made it pretty painless for a newbie like me to join in.  I honestly can say, that after seeing what all the other women made, mine was ...erm...a little "thin" in comparison.  But in all fairness, this was my first ever swap, so I'm cutting myself a little slack just for that fact.  But everyone was so generous - lots of "extra" goodies beyond what Tmika had listed as requirements for participating.  And not just extra goodies, but lots of very talented, creativeness packaged up in each set.  The handmade flowers, in particular, just really blew me away.

To the ladies in my group, I feel a little badly that mine was so bare bones compared to what I received.   Like I said though, it was my first swap so I hope you'll forgive me this time.  Next time I have a lot better idea of how these work now, so I'll do better. :P  And huge thank yous to all my fellow group members - your packages were just awesome.

Thanks again Tmika, for hosting.  It was a LOT of work just getting my little sets packaged up and out in the mail to you - so I can only imagine how much work it takes to coordinate everyone's, plus video tape all the entries, etc.  You're a champ!  And it was definitely a lot of fun for my first swap.

Video for Groups 1, 2
Video for Group 3, 4
Video for Group 5,6 and 7
Video for Group 8*, 9

*This was my group. :P
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