Friday, November 14, 2014

"Stuff and Tea" Mini Album

Un-embellished Cover
I'm currently working on a mini album based on a tutorial from 'My Sisters Scrapper' - specifically her 'Apple Cider' album.  I love Ginger's style and her tutorials are just great.  This album is tentatively labeled "Stuff and Tea" - its meant to be a sort of an -every day occurrences- photo and memorabilia album.  I'm struggling a bit with the embellishing, but then I always seem to struggle with that.  I'll pull half my stash out into the middle of the room and try all sorts of combinations and still come up blank - grr!  Some people, like Ginger and my friend Sarah, make it look so effortless...I'm jealous! ;P

Do any of you struggle much when it comes to embellishing or putting the finishing touches and/or theme to your mini albums (or any craft project I suppose)?  Maybe I'm _too_ particular or _too_ fussy.  Anyway, will post some updates when I do finally quit fussing and get it completed.

Here's a few pics of the project in progress:

Un-embellished pages

Un-embellished pages and photo mats

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