Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So Excited!

So after 2+ years of barely any activity on my blog and going back and forth and back and forth with my craft blog/business I'm so excited that I FINALLY have lots of new things to talk about, share and update with.

FIRST:  My blog and business are getting a much needed hand/facelift - including a new logo design thanks to a very talented woman on Etsy - so yet another update to the blog will be coming in just a week or two. Yay!

SECOND:  Going to be offering some really fun cards, mini albums and handmade embellishments in my Etsy shop before the end of the summer, and starting in September will be holding regular classes and 'make and takes'.  I'll be posting a monthly calendar here on the blog once we get a little closer to September.

THIRD:  Lots and lots of time spent creating, organizing, sharing and so finally will have pictures and videos to share of finished projects, completed items that will be going up for sale in my Etsy shop and class pics as well. So in short, lots of new PICTURES!  Hopefully some new tips and techniques I can share with ya'll as well.

AND FINALLY - I'll be offering some pretty fun (and pretty unique too) events,games and contests for my blog visitors on a regular basis as the "new and improved" blog goes through its renovation.  I'll be offering giveaways, discounts for my Etsy shop and other special "goodies".  I'm also going to be offering monthly feature articles that cover things like product reviews, new techniques from around the web, organizing tips and general 'How-To' and Project Tutorials!  Yay!

In short, I'm FINALLY off the wishy/washy Charlie Brown approach to my crafting blog and on to a whole new focus and dedication to my crafting and my crafting business, "Whimsical DeeSigns".  So please keep reading and as things get going, I hope you'll invite your friends and neighbors to take a peek as well!

Thanks as always, for visiting!
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