Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More minor news and updates

Well, the updated blog, Etsy shop and stuff is in the works.  (Sorry if there's a few glitches - I'm still working on updating stuff - the blog especially) My new biz/calling cards came in the mail yesterday and they look wonderful!  (Thanks Valerie!)  Next is the rummage sale - that's next weekend, and then FINALLY, I'm all about MAKING STUFF - yay!

My hubby always teases me that I spend more time buying and then organizing than I do making things - and ironically this spring and summer that's largely been true.  But I've run across so many exceptional bargains (x2 great rummages with MASSIVE destash items), a new Hobby Lobby that opened in my backyard, and of course lots of great Stampin' Up product always - all so hard to resist!  So after much struggling with what I should keep/what I should give away or sell, once this rummage sale is under my belt, I'm pretty much as organized and sorted as I can get.

I'm always too wordy any way, so that's it for now - but stay-tuned for more stuff real soon!

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