Thursday, April 2, 2015

Cards - Gifts, Make-and-Takes and Swaps

It's been awhile since I've posted anything and so I thought I'd put together a quick post of some of the cards I've made for my SU Group Meeting Swaps and Make-and-Takes and as gifts for friends and family.  Though I'm not a big card maker, I really enjoy the opportunity to take a break on occasion, to make up some cards.

This card is my very first swap card (I copied it from a very similar card I saw on Pinterest, and I'd be glad to give credit for it, but can't seem to find her particular card anymore.  There are certainly plenty more like it though...)

Ice Cream Bar Style Card
These are a set of cards I gave as a gift to a friend - the idea was to create a fun, sort of modern spring feel - they're probably a little "busier" than I'd normally do, but I rather like how they came out anyway.

Spring 2014 Card Set
This card is from an SU meeting swap just before Christmas (2014).  We had already done our Christmas Cards by this point, so I opted for a valentine-y note card.

SU Swap - December 2014

Next up is a "Make and Take" card I did for our January meeting

SU "Make and Take" January 2015
And this last one was from our SU Meeting Swap in February - was trying something a little different (and I was short on some cardstock, so had to try to cobble something together from scraps and DSP - heh!)  I actually really, really liked this card when it was done - though I think the picture makes it look a little "flatter" than it actually looks.

SU Swap - February 2015
There's one more card that should go here, from our March meeting just a couple weeks ago - but I didn't like the way the picture came out, so I'll try to update this post later, when I get around to taking some new pics.

I still consider myself a rank beginner when it comes to card making and still rely pretty heavily on casing other people's work (with permission of course).  My skills are slowly improving, but I'll be a lot more excited about my forays into cardmaking when I can create and DESIGN my own cards entirely from "scratch". :)  I'd also like end this post with a link to the galleries of cards the other ladies created for these swaps, as they're all pretty awesome - but I'm at a loss at HOW to link to a FB album/gallery for an "invite only" group.  In fact, I don't think you actually can.
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