Thursday, December 4, 2014

Blog Going through another rennovation (Updated)

Apparently some of the changes I made to customize blogger's design template have caused some issues - biggest one is that sharing icons won't work for posts, which I think are sort of important.  Second one is that I can't seem to get my Google calendar to work properly either - also a little important as I plan to put my class schedule and other events there for people.  Anyway, that means I'm going to need to revert back to the bare bones version of my blog and then start fresh to make updates.  So things may be a bit wonky on the blog for a few days.  I'll make an update note when I'm all done.  Sorry for any temporary glitches.

UPDATES 12-18-2014:  With the holidays literally around the corner, I've been having a hard time managing my hours for work on the web site and keeping up with real world holiday hubbub. :)  So I fully hope to have the site renovations and updates in place, but it will likely be mid-January before everything is done. And I promise not to natter on about "...coming soon" sort of posts.  I'll just do one more on topic once all the updates are in place.
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